Crowdfunding Youtube Series LAUNCHED

Hi! Just a quickie to let you know I’ve now managed to wrestle Zsolt away from the computer long enough to edit the first of my Crowdfunding for Writers Youtube videos. Wooohoo! (It wasn’t easy, that man is glued to his computer)

So, click through.! I’ll let you know when more are out, but if you want to be notified on your own, you can click through to YouTube and actually subscribe to my channel. I hope to develop more short vlogs (video blogs), films, etc over the year.

Exciting or exciting? Hmm. I think it’s exciting. ;)

Internet Advocacy

The internet is a darn-tooting special place. Maybe not stumbled-upon-mini-meadow-in-the-woods-with-sun-beams-and-babbling-stream special, but a place where anything can happen, and more importantly anyone can be the cause of the happening.

So, this idea of dividing it up into fast and slow and privileged and poor and pay more or save more options pisses me off. The one lovely thing about this situation and the internet is that it’s our space. We can have a say, and an impact. It’s happened before that big bad plans were stopped via the advocacy of voices coming together, with leadership from organizations. It’s happened in Canada, it has happened in the US before.

But of course that’s never the end, is it? So, until there’s some sort of charter of rights of the internet adding one’s name to a petition can be required. That’s what I did, and if you like, you can do so as well. is, from all I’ve seen, a good organization that keeps users interest at heart. For years they’ve fought for better service in Canada, for privacy, for rights online.

Here’s an article explaining what’s going on now in the US, and how it may impact you regardless of where you live. So, check it out if you like :)



In other news: I’m off to the Canadian Authors Association this evening to give a talk with my Podcast co-host, Kevin. BAH! Nerves are inevitable. After I make lunch today, I’ll go back to practising that talk. The theme: Why Talk About Writing?

And just to reinforce how useful this topic is, I ran into a fellow writer yesterday evening while at a networking wine thing (Cranberry juice & water for me. Wine is wasted on my palette), and we talked and talked and talked about writing.

Therefore, it gives me confidence today. Writing is seen as a lonely profession. Maybe that’s because so many writers are shy, or introverted, or don’t feel like admitting what they do? But I’ve noticed that the more I say, “I’m a writer” the more writers I meet. And it actually doesn’t feel at all like a lonely profession.

Anyhow! Onward to make lunch!

Article once more:

Have a lovely day,



Nodes are shrinking


The nodes continue to shrink. No new spots appearing. Bring on the hot flashes if they keep the good results flowing! Holy crap that was far too nerve wracking. Next CT is in four months, how much living can we squeeze in between now and then, I wonder? ~Catherine