Happy Thanksgiving!

They said we couldn’t do it. They said it would be too difficult to grow. They said, these plants are far too fragile.

BUT WE DID IT, BABY!Paprika Love Note

And this evening, we feasted on those little peppers (paprikas), along with a potatoe layer meal. Proper Hungarian. Proper gardening. Zsolt’s heroic pepper plant grew the largest pepper. It was delicious. The others were a bit too ‘green’, but hey, we’re learning. So, Sunday evening the two of us had our own tiny thanksgiving for being togehter, growing together, and overcoming incredible odds.

Happy thanksgiving to you as well. Even if this isn’t your official holiday, may you have a reason, or many reasons, to be grateful.


Be well.


Indie Sex Goddess – don’t miss Sylvie’s book!

Hey, you like erotic & real-to-life poetry? No, I’m not trying something new with the blog. (So, you can relax, Zsolt.) My friend Sylvie is in the middle of her crowdfunding campaign for Russel Square Station. Sylvie really holds back no punches, and no details, in her style of storytelling. I truly admire her for taking a chance & crowdfunding her collection of poems from a really crazy experience of meeting her muse in England.

Sylvie’s collection will be printed in juxtaposition to a variety of art pieces from Juan Carlos Noria. And I personally think these two complement one another perfectly in tone and style.

So, if you want to check it out, I’m definitely plugging it :)



Have some fun and click through. She’s giving it her best, and if you want to support her with means other than purchasing copies, etc, do consider giving her a share within your own network.



Monday the family will gather to play Settlers of Katan. Man, we have become obsessed with this game – and when I say “we” I mean my whole family including parents and siblings. It’s great :)



Co-Survivor Award: My Mom and My MAN

Way back when I was first diagnosed and wrote a profile for myself for Bumpyboobs and FacingCancer.ca, I identified myself as a survivor. Forget dictionary definitions, I defined a survivor as someone getting up every day, facing what needed to be done, learning how to thrive through uncertain realities, and living life on their terms.

My life, my definition.

So when FacingCancer.ca recently announced their Co-Survivor Award, it made me really happy to see their definition of survivorship:

We believe survivorship begins at the time of diagnosis.

And it made me even happier to see that they’ve decided to honour those who have supported us, honouring the support they’ve given.

And surrounding every cancer survivor, there are people who care: we call them Co-Survivors. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, a medical professional or an online supporter, use the form below to tell us who has made your cancer experience a little better with their selfless support.

There have been many people in my life who have helped. From friends in England, family in Canada, letters & emails from my friends during treatments, support during my crowdfunding, and the awesomeness and insight of those who get it online. But for the Co-Survivor award, if I could nominate someone (and I can’t because I work for FacingCancer.ca), it would be two someones: My husband and my mother.

Zsolt is Zsolt. You know him via this blog. He is softness and love and unconditional support. We’ve been through so much together and still we dance in the middle of the day. There’s so much to say, I really cannot begin to capture it all.

My mom, well, she’s my guide, point of reference and my friend. When I hear one thing regarding healthcare, I’ll take it to her for her opinion. And I’ll never forget how she left Canada and my dad for over a month (to sleep in our small one bedroom apartment on an air mattress in England) to help me recovering from the mastectomy – and then to help Zsolt and I weather that first terrible round of chemotherapy.

So here is the question: Who is your co-survivor, or co-thrivor, or co-awesomnesser?


If you live in Canada and can think of someone you’d nominate as co-survivor – then I invite you to pitch in your story over at FacingCancer.ca. Ten from the many will be chosen, and then we’ll agonize over them to land upon the first Co-Survivor recipient (but the ten will also receive goodies, too). Can you think of someone? Nominate here.

If you don’t live in Canada, and I know many don’t, but still want to share who has supported you , that’s what the comments are for ; ) People do read the comments, and they do pull inspiration from them – even folks supporting others, and needing to hear the positive impact their actions may have. Or even better – write about it on your own blog, and then link it back here. ;)

And you know what? Even if you haven’t had cancer (I hope), you may still have a co-survivor in your life, or co-supporter. I love stories about love, and about generosity, so I welcome you to leave your own reflections.

Now, that is all I have to say about that.

Except this P.S.!

P.S. I wasn’t asked or prompted to write this post for the award. I just like the idea. Everyone who does something kind for another person deserves to know their impact. This is just one really great way of saying thanks.