Giveaway alert!

How did I neglect to not mention this?! Lisa at Pink Kitchen is having a give away of my novel, The Adventures of Claire Never-Ending. If you want to get in on that sweet, sweet action – check out her post here:


Yay! So, click on the post if you’d like to win a copy. Lisa has so many good recipes on her blog. She does loads of gluten free cooking, and some of her stuff is grain free too – or can be adapted to be grain free. Mom,  you’d enjoy that! I’d like to thank Lisa for being so good to sponsor this give away, and for all the yummy inspirations she shares every week. :)

Also, did you notice Zsolt’s hair in the previous post? I cut that myself, thank you very much! It’s the first time ever he’s allowed me to do anything even near to styling his hairdo. Normally I am instructed to shave it all off. But for my birthday . . . which is in July . . . he’s let me pretend to be a stylist. You might be checking your calendar and saying, “but it’s not July”… to which I’d reply, “shhhh, don’t spoil it for me.” I don’t always understand the way men work or their inner clocks, but I enjoy it when I can style this man’s hair.

Now, if you haven’t clicked over to Lisa’s yet, here’s the giveaway link again. Woohoo!

Contest ends April 30th.

Dreaming of blog posts . . . and leg hair

Before falling into sleep I sometimes compose blog posts in my head. Last night I was thinking to myself about leg hair, and how I should write about it here. My post idea was basically this:

“This winter I shaved my legs once. Zsolt is the only man I’ve ever encountered (intimately) who is cool with hair on my legs – heck, I go out in the summer with week-long unshaven legs ever since finding this blessing of a man. I suspect it’s because he’s from Europe . . .or that he just a guy who doesn’t care.

He was also one of the first guys I’d met who would throw down the dance gauntlet before anyone else had hit the dance floor. This wasn’t even contingent on pre-drinking. It was only contingent on there being cheesy eighties pop music playing. The first time we ever went dancing was in Nice, France. That time he definitely wasn’t sober. Zsolt had this signature dance move he does that involves him pointing at you with both hands stretch out, then letting that “point” circle around the room. It was noticeable and hilarious. Now I pull that point-finger move far more often than he does, but it will always remind of me of when we first met.

I have this memory of being about 13 years old and attending a pool party. My legs had stubble. And being a typical teenage girl, I of course chased boys around the pool all night threatening to scratch them with my semi-hairy legs.

“Touch my leg!” I’d say.

And they’d run.

This is a case of being high on hormones. That’s also how I met my husband. Hormone high = mighty courage.

My next scan/x-ray/whatever is scheduled for May, and I’m thinking of pushing it two months back. Part of me fears everything, and is scared the cancer will gets frustrated with being ignored if I push it back. A larger part of me doesn’t want to allow cancer to once again ruin an important time of the year. From May till the second week of July we have important stuff happening.

Last year our birthdays were heartbreaking occasions.

So this year, I’d like to wait on whatever news – good, bad, or unchanged – may be coming. I just want to wait. That means I need to call the oncologist. Dr Canada seems to get that I want to live well. But still, asking for anything other than protocol is scary business for me. Maybe I’ll grow my leg hair for courage, and hit up some hummus & olives for a temporary hormone high.”

And that is the post I was thinking of writing. Not actually word-for-word, but something along those lines. Surprisingly this isn’t the stuff that keeps me awake at night. What keeps me awake is the building bunch of projects I have going on – including my book launch!

Now, here we are at the end of this rambling post.

Good morning!